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Actor lauds own success in an exuberant manner

Within the pursuers of Hollywood cinema, it will be difficult to find one who does not admire the charismatic screen presence and the flawless acting ability of Tom Cruise. From the spruce young military officer in A Few Good Men to the pro agent in the Mission Impossible series to intense sleuth in Jack Reacher, he always succeeds in arresting hearts.
Recently, the coltish bent of mind of this celebrity came into the limelight most pleasurably. While appearing at the popular The Late Late Show he showcased an unique style of summing up his victorious journey of 30 years in Hollywood. Supported delightfully by the host James Corden, Cruise performed a strikingly merry skit over all of his hit movies and once again captured minds.
Uploaded by James Gould-Bourn, the 9 minutes video is a real glee to watch. It proves why Tom Cruise continues to prevail as the most coveted star even after the stretch of three decades.

Via: boredpanda