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Amazement gets created by the magical deftness of fingers

Animal-lovers always prefer to be in companionship of the pawed, beaked and tailed fellas. Some individuals channelize this fondness by giving shape to certain species which are too sweet to adore. Along with the prevalent modes of sculpting or molding, the procedure of needle felting is also popular in crafting the cuddly ones.
The needle felt process is an exclusive mode of artistry which knot with perfection one string of fiber with another and give the whole artifact the condensed felt effect. It is possible to create most natural animal figures by this technique and pieces thus made stay for a lengthy phase of time.
Goat wool is a preferred textile for actualizing this mechanism and given to the trait of the especial spiked needles, from tiny to big—structure of any and every animal can be created. From canines to ducklings and from hamster to opossum, all the common and uncommon vertebrates can be devised by this knitting technique.

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Terrier Poodle, Needle felted by Kassie Story Kai

Two Ducklings

Syrian Hamster


Red Squirrel