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Barbie in RuPaul’s Drag race

We better know Barbara Millicent Roberts as Barbie, who was the daughter of the designer of the doll. If she had the height of 1.68m, she would be a woman of a 69cm bust, 50 cm waist and 73 cm of waist. The creation of Barbie was an immense contribution in the area of dolls. As time progressed, almost every girl child wanted to possess a Barbie doll.
More than 70 world renowned designers have designed clothes for her including designers like Armani, Gucci, and Versace. An astounding 95 million meters of cloth has been used to design clothes for her. Barbie has jewellery worth 600 thousand dollars from an Australian jeweller and a whopping billion pairs of footwear.
Barbie, as a brand has been so successful that individual designers have taken an interest in her. RuPaul’s drag race, an American reality Tv show has had contestants in the form of dolls. Mark Jonathan has pioneered this idea.

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