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How to Build a Natural Shelter in the forest?

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you are caught in a jungle without a tent? Well, the primitive technology measures in form of building your shelter would come handy. The primitive technology components would usually encompass traditional methods of creating your refuge with grass, leaves and dried branches of trees. It is important to note that the primitive skills of an individual to defend him or she would come to the fore. The primitive skills can be in the form of assessing the nearby environment and avoiding ant trails to build your shelter.

Always consider to build a shelter where the ground is solid. It is one of the main components of primitive life skills. The primitive life skills can also include avoiding going out in dense woods after sunset. In other words, the main aim of a struck up individual is to exist with the help of primitive survival skills. One should build the shelter when it is the right time to do so. While on the process of building your own, always emphasize on the scope of primitive survival knowledge.
Primitive Technology & Wilderness Survival Skills – Build Treehouse in Forest (Part 01)

One should note that in order to carry out primitive living, an individual should always opt to build a shelter fast. It is so because in case of primitive living, you should always be in the need of a roof to protect yourself from external weather conditions. It is also important to note that your survival skills should include finding a strong ridgepole. Having a keen eye on the nearby things to build your shelter is the primary aspect of survival skills.

One can also use various forms of primitive tools in the form of sturdy branches and dried grass blades to form the roof of their shelter. On the other hand, one can also use other primitive tools like needles, bark and pine. They can prove to be efficient in the building process of a shelter. Your survival in jungle would also involve a fallen tree under which you can take rest. Moreover, survival in jungle can also be facilitated by placing leaves on the shelter to stop rain water from penetration.
Primitive Technology & Wilderness Survival Skills – Build Treehouse in Forest (Part 02), Roof & Wall

If you know how to survive in the jungle, then you must be well aware about the components which you would need to construct a worthy shelter. You can also read various instruction manuals on how to survive in the jungle so that you can successfully eliminate all the external factors which may play spoilsport. You should also know how to build a hut in the woods as it would safeguard you from wild animals during the night. Your knowledge on how to build a hut in the woods should also comprise of building a teepee.

These two videos primarily lay emphasis on the ways of building a survival hut. It can help an individual struck in dense woods to survive on the basis of the nearby things. These two videos also teach of building a survival hut with the help of nearby things that can be found in the jungle.