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Can’t have enough of dragons

Dragons are legendary creatures depicted with serpentine, reptilian and avian characteristics. They are featured in many myths around the world. The two most popular cultures for dragons are the European and Chinese. The two cultures have grown separately but have drawn inspiration from each other.
Dragons in modern culture are depicted as lizard like creatures with legs and the ability to emit fire from their mouths. It is speculated that the spitting cobra, Nile crocodile, and Komodo dragon might have inspired the myth of dragons. Artists have taken interest into the dragon myth all around the world.
Dragons have found their place in literature and art. In fantasy literature, dragons have found their place in negative roles. Sometimes the dragon is also depicted as a friendly creature working with children to dismiss their fears. As we look more into TV, games, and movies, we see that we can never have enough of dragons.  Via: Boredpanda