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Colour and Sounds

Synaesthesia artist Dillon Jones has the unusual gift where he sees colours when he hears sounds. This form of synaesthesia is called Chromesthesia. Dillon Jones has created art where he fuses those colors with the faces of people. Dillon likes creating paintings when he hears voices. He believes that is sharing his trait on the deepest level.
Dillon generally creates paintings of movie stars and rock stars. His paintings are rich in color and expression. Individuals like Dillon not only create art but open new doors to the understanding of synaesthesia. By definition, synaesthesia is said to occur when stimulation of one sense organ leads to the involuntary stimulation of another.
Synesthesia has been well documented in all forms of art. Renowned artists like Billy Joel, Pharrell Williams, Duke Ellington and physicist Richard Feynmann have reported Synesthesia. There are doctors all around the world trying to understand Synesthesia and whether it is a gift or disability.  Via: Facebook |  Boredpanda



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