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A coltish bend of artistry generates a few laughs

As a socially benign individual you know that you are expected to praise and applaud the personalities whose influences prevail all over the world. But, many a times, some endeavors of them make you condemn them or some vanities of them urges you to teach them a lesson. But thinking about certain legal and rights complexities you hinder at this idea.
But one person of the name tag Average Rob has hilariously utilized his photo-shopping skills to publicly detest the tantrums, self-lauding and narcissist habits of the celebrities. From Donald Trump to Jennifer Lawrence, Rob utilizes his wit to take a pinch at all. He places himself in an amusing posture in the midst of some popular movie stills, posters or during-the-play situations at the field or in between a snap of a celebrity couple. And the results that you see are truly comical ones.
This witty Adam truly walks an extra mile to give most buoyant and mirthful expression to his freedom of speech.

Via: boredpanda

#1 Sunday Gardening Is The Worst

#2 Epic Split Gone Wrong With Logan Paul

#3 When You’ve Got The Shittiest Job At The White House

#4 Guys Guys Guys! Stop Posing And Help Me!

#5 Star Wars Viii: The Stormtrooper Awakens. What The Hell Happened Last Night?!

#6 After Fun Night

#7 I Know You Don’t Know What To Wear Lol, But Uhmm… I’m Trying To Brush My Teeth Here. You Know?

#8 Beyoncé!!! Can You Hear Me?! Okay! Can You Bring My Hello Kitty Waterwings With You When You’re Done? Mom Told Me I Couldn’t Go Swimming Without Them

#9 Do You Mind? I’m About To Release The Kraken

#10 Whenever Selena’s Food Is Late, She Sits On The Table To Make A Statement

#11 When I Told Jennifer About My Horsephobia, She Took Me For A Ride To Get Over My Fear. Worst Idea Ever Jenni. You’re A Terrible Friend

#12 Sunday Funday Until Taytay Decided To Pour Soap On The Slide To Go Turbomode. I Don’t Know What Kind Of Soap This Is, But Daaamn… This Burrrrns!

#13 When You Hate The People You Work For

#14 Good Training Today Guys! Mowing The Football Field Went Slower Than I Thought, Almost Finished!

#15 Vince The Prince Is Hard To Handle When He Doesn’t Want To Eat His Cereal. But You Have To Finish Your Breakfast If You Want To Become A Strong King