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The creative story of a gamer

For those who consider online games and video games a menace, here comes a short story of Johnny Fairweather who substantiated that if someone has creative sensibilities within the soul, nothing can stop him or her. Addiction is a common term that is associated with gaming practices and is discouraged worldwide primarily under parental care. However, this man has proved that even with the most negative form of entertainment, the very best can be achieved.
Out of many other games, this man has chosen Fallout as his subject and has made props for useless things like bottle caps, plastic bottles etc. A service holder, a husband and father, Johnny Fairweather opted to make prop displays based on gaming attributes in his spare time.
The one in this display concentrates on Fallout. However, there are more coming up from his side that is based on the models of the tools, important to survive in a game. Via: Boredpanda