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Cuddliness that stimulated an endeavor

Every animal-lover will agree to the fact that cats—the fluffy ball of furs is too cute to resist snuggling it. The feline is best known for its love of getting pampered, gobbling down grubs and lazing around the home for all day long. The white and fat stature and the dainty blues eyes give an instant call to the mind to fondle their owner like anything.

But what if news says that such a dainty mate has served as an instigator of a venture? Amazing isn’t it? Well such amazement is an actuality. A voguish brand named Ausre claims that its stimulus for texturing clothes with a chic cat emblem over each of them is the makers’ affection for the felines. The garbs featuring a cat face with a rose between the teeth authentically urges the mind to possess them.

What is more delightfully is that to know about a Madam fur named Lisa. She, an adopted one,

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