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Dynamics of innovation add mirth to suspense

Irrespective of the age factor, Jurassic Park is one film whose thrill appeals to all individuals. No matter, how many times it is viewed; the spine-chilling effect is bound to be felt. No one can vow that the scenes of appearance of the Dinos and the awe-gasping climax fighting situation have not churned the one’s stomach.
But how will it turn out if in imagination the scenarios of these deadly creatures are substituted by the snuggly “Meow” ones? Utopia it may sound—however if thought with closed eyes for some minutes, then a smile is bound to come up at the lips. The adorable furry one can be imagined in a size as voluminous as a killer Dinosaurs. At this the will of cuddling it like anything crops up in mind, in place of the inherent fear for the dangerous pre-historic creature.
The facility of the digital medium has allowed Fans to elatedly replaced the perilous ones with the pampered ones. Exploring such uploaded snaps truly gives a gleeful angle to the deadliness of the epic movie.

Via: cheezburger | Boredpanda