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These famous cast reunions will surely make you feel old

When we think of any favorite movie or TV, the casts appear before us in the same glamorous images as we have watched them in screen and we always think of their screen images only. But get real shock if we happen to see their reunion photos side by side the movie shots.
A movie can be called great when the actors reunite long after the release of their films together as happy friends. Maybe, they are not in their prime, but they carry their signature looks. Of late, the castmates of the famous movie Lord of the Rings has dinner together and released their reunion photos that made the Instagram community pretty mad.
This page includes ten such release and reunion pictures from different movies that will surely make you nostalgic and remind you of your age. Scroll down and check.

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#1 School Of Rock: 2003 Vs. 2013

Frederick M. Brown,Rick Kern
#2 Lord Of The Rings: 2001 Vs. 2017

#3 Friends: 1994 Vs. 2004 Vs. 2016

Getty Images,NBC
#4 Married With Children 1987 Vs. 2014

amazon.com,The Associated Press
#5 Maid In Manhattan: 2002 Vs. 2014

#6 Forrest Gump: 1994 Vs. 2014

amazon.com,Tom Hanks
#7 That ’70s Show: 1998 Vs. 2013

amazon.com,Topher Grace
#8 About Thelma & Louise: 1991 Vs. 2014

#9 Back To The Future: 1990 Vs. 2016

amazon.com,Gilbert Carrasquillo
# 10 Pretty Woman: 1990 Vs. 2016

amazon.com,NBC NewsWire