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Frills that authentically liberate the soul

Individuality is the essence of every personality. But when a certain individual deviates quite noticeably from the normal flow, he/she is either termed as a snob or becomes a laughing stock for the others. Without any fault of his/her the one becomes a lonely soul and is left without any friends.
Such has been the case with the Slovakian dame Eva Vokounová who fetched mockery from her mates in her adolescence due to her free style of decking up. This gave her the mental boost to create something that will voice out to the world about the worth of her exclusivity. She chose the art of accessory. Today, her brand is devoted to pep up those people who hinder to exhibit their uniqueness.
The mesmeric ear-cuffs and the gaudy tiaras truly covet the heart to possess them. The decorative texture and the dreamy effect of the trinkets authentically lays down that self-independence is the best.Credit: boredpanda More info: vivienesme.com