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House To Be Demolished covered in Murals

Tyrone Wright, also known as Rone, tries to find something beautiful in death and decay. None stays young and active forever. Death and decay are natural and influence almost anyone. Rone has named his project ‘The Omega project’ and chosen an abandoned house in Melbourne for the same.
Rone has created portraits of beautiful women in the walls of the house that is soon to be demolished. The house has been modified into an exhibition site where people can come in to see the murals before the house is destroyed. Beauty is impermanent, and that is the message Rone is trying to give us through this exhibition.

The effort that Rone has put into something so fleeting is appreciable. When the house is demolished, all the portraits of women will turn to dust but emphasize that nothing in our life is permanent, or the things we try to hold on to finally do leave us.                                                             More info: r-o-n-e.com | Instagram | Boredpanda