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The incy wincy spider on the wall

No matter how imaginative you are, a spider as a guest is something that will not even come into your weirdest dreams. Here is a story that will amaze you with its bizarre storyline. Lauren Ansell is a resident of Queensland, Australia who was cooking with her boyfriend one night.
The series of events that followed this unexpected appearance was happening though not intended.
The pet cat also reproached and did not feel like attacking the eight legged beasts. Lauren’s boyfriend put every effort to smash the huntsman spider with under his shoes. However, the large creeping creature went in disguise with negligible wounds on it.
The terrorised couple immediately informed the local media and felt like being relieved after the spider was gone. However, it was not clear from its movement whether it has left the place or decided to reappear in some time to astonish the couple once again. Via: Boredpanda

An Australian couple was recently making dinner when an uninvited guest turned up at their door

It was a giant huntsman spider, and he wasn’t in the mood for any funny business

Lauren Ansell and her boyfriend, the homeowners, were locked in a vicious stand-off

“We nicknamed the spider ‘Aragog’ from Harry Potter… “

The name is surely well fitting, just look at his huge long legs!