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Intriguing tattoos from Canada

Tattoos have been a mode of expressive art from ancient times. They tend to signify something important in an individual’s life. In Toronto, Canada SEWP is a tattoo artist who creates fierce, dark and intense tattoos of faceless girls. These tattoos are unique and inspire followers from every walks of life.
SEWP’s uniqueness lies in the fact that he designs tattoos of girls having a dark presence with bright eyes. The moods of the girls vary from the darkest to the lightest of emotions. These tattoos have been immensely popular on Instagram and SEWP has had more than 40000 admirers.
A noticeable trait in SEWP’s body of work is that it is created using mostly black ink. It gives the tattoos a unique appeal which is hard to duplicate. Here, we have photographed a range of SEWP’s tattoos. We invite you to take a look at them and appreciate their worth.

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