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Knowing the process of jewelry making

Who does not love to wear jewelries? Yes! A huge section of people are there love to wear jewelries. But do you know how to make jewelries? Lots of people will say no. But if you are interested in knowing the fact of ultimate jewelry making process, then you can open the given link.
First of all they cut the shank, and then add the silver in it. After completing the process they flux the material and then fired up properly. Then it come filing. The designer uses numerous files to just match the new pieces of the silver to an original shank.
After all these process, it comes with the final file. Then polishing and cleaning the design it comes with the perfect fit. Are you interested to see the all those pictures of making the jewelry? Then all you require is opening the given link and see all those.Credit: boredpanda More info: avagoldworks.com