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A lifetime companionship with rats

Pets are considered to be the best companions of a human. The unconditional love that gets fostered between the two living entities of different species can hardly be compared. Love for pet substantiates the fact that affection is all about companionship, care and attention. A home with an adorable pet around is a perfect place to come back to.
Cats, birds and dogs are popular options when it comes to selecting a pet. However breaking the boundaries of convention, rats can be included in this list. Though it seems to be a little weird, rats communicate with humans almost in a flawless manner.
A tiny mouse around you is not only adorable, but they are well known for establishing long term companionship. Studies have revealed that a rat never gives up on a friendship with a human once established. Intelligent, cuddly and mischevious, a tiny little rat can be an important member of your family who will be thoroughly missed during its absence.

Via: boredpanda | nationalgeographic