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Make deserts and turn them in hairbands

Accessories are absolutely beautiful stuffs and when it comes to hair accessories you may get huge options that will make you feel satisfied. But have you ever thought to make some amazing headbands with deserts? May be it sounds weird but this is the fact. Actually lots of fashion designers are there who make some of the unique headbands like donut shaped band or stuff like this.
A few months ago, the designers started to sketch some ideas of new hair decorations. They wanted to enhance to the online shop. That’s when they came up with Dessert Headbands. They even wanted to make something dissimilar as well as more challenging.
After researching all the food photography they were actually craving for the sweets but even fought the temptation. In fact, they make the donuts with various types of colors and designs. If you want to see the pictures of it you can open the given link. Credit: boredpanda More info: Etsy