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One stroke calligraphy and cycling fuse

A cyclist is depicted in one stroke calligraphy. Cycling is a hobby that many individuals share. The thrill of pedaling on an open road on a cycle is an experience that most cyclists desire. Cyclists all around the world have happy memories of when they were cycling. That feeling of freedom and excitement has been captured using one stroke calligraphy.
Calligraphy is a visual art that is related to writing. It can be done using a broad tip instrument, a nib or a pen. Calligraphy is different from non-classical hand lettering and typography although a calligrapher may know both. Calligraphy is still used in invitations, art, graphic design, cut stone designs and memorial documents.
Cycling has been taken to new heights by its induction into sports. Individual cycles are so well manufactured that it becomes smooth, fast, and thrilling to get on a bicycle and travel. Cyclists are often seen cycling with their friends and relatives and having a good time.  Via: Boredpanda

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