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Pat of Fondness to the Frenzy for Fantasy

It takes no prize to guess that at present times, Game of Thrones is the most sough-after Soap Opera of the world. It has given actual meaning to the trend of binge watching. The fans of the show have created communities all over the world to discuss every single new development of the story and to explore as much as possible the spell-binding arena of the royal families and the exotic ambiences.
As a gesture of endorsing this furor of her little brother, the German dame Lena M has undertaken a very pleasurable gesture. She has put in all the labor of love to create a most detailed wall size map of the fictional region depicted in the entire show. This she states is a token of her heartiness for her brother.
The map of dimension 1,50m x 1,20m is a real spectacle to view. Especially the accuracy undertaken by the lady in illustrating the topography of Westeros shines by the sweat of her happiness.

Via: boredpanda |  Instagram

1,50m x 1,20m map

Detail of Westeros – there were so many tiny houses to paint

Detail of the frame – I created this “crackling” effect with a deco varnish

My brother with his latest acquisition – like this you can get an idea of the map’s size

Legend of the map