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The stallions of Namibia lingers as ghosts from the past

Namibia is a place much known for its unforgiving arid lands. The other attraction of this desert is the stallions that have always been a part of the folk tales and fables. Thousands of visitors pay a visit to this part of the world every year to witness the part of mystic history.
However, the reality is a little away from the fantasy. Recent visits have explored that many of the stallions in this area are suffering from lack of food and water as topographically it is a desert and does not have enough food to feed its inhabitants. Harsh cold and dry lands are all they get out of this place.
Owing to this scarcity of food supply, most of the stallions suffer from malnutrition, and they have fragile health with visible pelvic bones. The only search their eyes can make throughout the day is for something eatable. No matter how diligent their efforts are, thorny bushes and dusty lands are all they ultimately turn up to.

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Freddy and me – a honest selfie

Ghosts of the past: wild horses in the desert

A lone stallion on his search for food

Young stallions within a small fight for food

Soft skies in late evenings


Freddy and me .. look at his eyes.

Freddy and me in conversation

Freddy: Trying the thorn bushes on his desperate search for food

Freddy’s eye: Looking for hope

Anybody there?