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The story of a sad pit bull

Dogs are known for their intimacy with humans. Once a dog comes in contact with a family and spends a few days together, it readily becomes a part of it from the core of its heart. However, in this story, Blue King, the pit bull, was left to a shelter alone as his family was moving to some place else and decided not to carry him along.
Blue became sad and depressed with this course of action and refused even delicious food offered to him. Tears rolled down his eyes for hours as he realised that he has departed from his loved ones. His heart could have been longing for that touch of warmth or that voice of affection that he once received from his family.
Seeing him gloomy, Jennifer McKay of Carson Shelter shot a video of him and posted it on facebook. Later on, Blue was adopted by Mckay herself. Immediately after she brought Blue King home, she met with a new dog who played, ate, enjoyed and lived without any glitch. Surely it was a family that Blue must have been missing.

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When Blue King (Blue for short) arrived at Carson Shelter, one person offered him a treat

He sniffed it, but didn’t eat it

The only thing Blue did was cry behind the bars of his kennel door
Additionally, tears were dripping from his eyes, and some speculate that it was due to allergies

Blue’s family surrendered him to the shelter because they decided to move
and not take the dog to the new home

Eventually, a few volunteers noticed Blue’s more-than-sad face and decided to help the pooch
They posted his story on Facebook, hoping someone would adopt him

Shortly after, a woman named Jennifer McKay came over to meet Blue

“You could tell that every time someone walked by, it was like he was looking for
[his family]. It’s like he knew he had been left there”

McKay had made up her mind to adopt Blue, and after the dog passed
the temperament test, she took him home

After he left the shelter, Blue King became a new dog. His new owner says that Blue loves
sleeping, belly rubs, cuddles, and gazing into the mirrors

Most importantly, Blue isn’t crying anymore