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Street Art Festival in Bristol

300 artists came together to create the biggest Street Art Festival in Bristol. The display took more than 1.3km of city street space. The artists used all kinds of color, paper and spray to create art that was astounding on many levels. A large number of viewers lined up to see the display. As there was enough space to view the show, crowds were easily managed.

The world is witnessing events on day to day basis. Some of them cause joy and the others, concern. Artists have their point of view on everyday matters. When they create art, it has craftsmanship but sometimes even a message. A lot of conscientious artists were seen in this festival.
Striking designs and light hearted art were also visible in Bristol streets. Foods and drinks were made available so that people can view the exhibition without having to be concerned with such issues. All in all, the Bristol street art festival was something to be experienced and something that left an impression.

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