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Taking care of the one fondling whom is never too much

Having the most lovable poodle as a pet is the dream of every dog-lover. A Pomeranian fits to the pursuit with perfection. The cute and petite size, the tender and cloying furs and the dainty pink lip—all make it a baby which instantly evokes the ardor of fondness within the heart.
But it should be kept in mind that this tiny one must be attended to properly. Especially one factor that must be remembered is that the furs of this particular breed dissolve in water. Uploaded pictures of a bathing Pomerania stand as a witness to this. Therefore, while giving the dainty one its scheduled cleansing, heed must be paid to the level of water in the bathtub. The controlling meter too must be overseen so that the pooch is not absorbed by the drain.
Further, it should be followed as a norm that the pup is not staying outdoors for any minutes during the monsoon seasons. Getting drenched is one absolute no-no for this sweet mate.

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