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Vintage looking Bears with Elina

Russian artist Elina Oplakanska creates unique teddy bears and bunnies for people. She uses Shabby style. Her bears and bunnies are small in size and hence difficult to manufacture. The stuffing inside the bears is wood sawdust. Sawdust is a naturally found, and Elina believes it is an excellent material for filling.

The bears are stuffed with sawdust, but the artist believes that the bears have a soul. The bears are unique, and Elina uses a lot of emotion while creating either bears or bunnies. She believes it is very magical that fabric and sawdust can be used and transformed into bears and bunnies that seem to have a character and personality.
There are many craftsmen, artists, painters and musicians around the world who use basic raw materials and transform them into having an intangible existence. Finally, art influences the spirit and artists like Elina are always striving to provide their share in this experience.

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