A New Era In Energy

Imergy combines the power of proprietary chemistry and advanced technology to deliver groundbreaking sustainable solutions for storing and sharing energy.

Imergy’s Exclusive Process Lowers Cost and Increases Performance of Energy Storage

We have achieved a fundamental milestone in energy storage by developing a proprietary process for producing high-performance systems with vanadium from secondary and tertiary sources such as mining slag, oil field sludge and fly ash. This process lowers our vanadium cost by 40% relative to competitors. As a result of this technology and other...

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Our game-changing energy storage solutions reduce energy costs, stabilize the grid, and fully unlock the potential of renewable energy sources while dramatically reducing the physical dangers and environmental toxicity inherent in other batteries. Imergy enables a new era of energy distribution in which power truly lies in the hands of the people.

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Why Imergy

Cost Effective

High Performance

Seamless Integration

Safe and Environmentally Responsible

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Imergy offers turnkey integrated and financed solutions that significantly reduce the cost of storing and sharing solar, wind, and grid energy.

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