Breakthrough Technology for a New Era in Energy

Imergy Power Systems specializes in a proprietary, vanadium based flow battery system - the most cost-effective energy storage technology available today. Flow batteries store energy in a liquid electrolyte that circulates between tanks. The simplicity of the design creates a robust and efficient system that can be charged and discharged completely, and cycled thousands of times a year without impact on its lifespan. Integrated power electronics manage the charging and discharging processes, and the unique architecture allows the system to be scaled up in size by simply increasing the electrolyte volumes. Our Energy Storage Platforms (ESP) products inherently last longer than conventional batteries, with lower maintenance costs and fewer thermal management concerns.

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Flow Battery Technology

Imergy's Energy Storage Platform (ESP) is based on redox flow battery technology, the most cost-effective and reliable energy storage solution available today.

How It Works:

  • A flow battery is charged and discharged by a reversible reduction-oxidation reaction between the two liquid electrolytes of the battery
  • Unlike conventional batteries, electrolytes are stored in separated storage tanks, not in the power cell of the battery
  • During operation these electrolytes are pumped through a stack of power cells, in which an electrochemical reaction takes place and electricity is produced
  • The design of the power cell can be optimized for the power rating needed, since this is independent of the amount of  stored energy


  • Proprietary Vanadium electrolyte formulation with catalyst and additives
  • Integrated state-of-the-art electronics for control and power conditioning
  • High energy density electrolyte
  • High power density cell stack with fast charging capability
  • Safe-aqueous electrolyte does not present a fire threat
  • Remote control and monitoring option


  • Reliable and consistent power availability enabled by fast charge and discharge times
  • Customized, separate power and capacity specifications for different applications
  • Unlimited cycle life due to no solid state reaction
  • Durable operations in rugged, remote outdoor environments from -20°C to 55°C ambient.